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How Powerful Overcoming Oily Skin Quickly

How Powerful Overcoming oily skin Quickly – do you have an oily face? Oily face is one of the problems faced and sometimes makes us less PD because of our appearance become insufficient. Most people will also often memperhatian facial skin in a manner often reflect to ensure as well as eliminating oil diwajah as often as possible.

Have oily skin is a common problem that is very disturbing. Why? This is because the face skin produces excessive oil and dirt can cause a lot of pollution due to be attached to dikulit face. Besides the face skin also becomes very vulnerable once exposed acne is caused due to an oil buildup and blockage of the pores of the face, so young will develop acne on skin type.

What Is Oily Skin?
Oily skin is the skin which has the fat glands producing oil in excess of the above thresholds and normal skin. Characteristics of oily skin facial skin is looks shiny, makeup is not durable and arise many acne caused by dirt that clings to the skin on the face.

By knowing how to reduce oil production in the skin, of course it will also be very helpful in preventing the onset of acne. Now therefore, if you have oily skin face problems here beauty and Health Tips blog will try to give tips eliminate the oil in the skin of the face. But before we stepped on in the subject matter, alahkah nice if we first see whatare the causes of oily face. So if you already know, you can be careful when want to do something.

Causes Of Oily Skin Face

The appearance of oily skin can be caused due to the menstrual cycle. This is because a woman is an awful lot of producing hormone so that when leading up to or after menstruation, skin of the face will tend to produce more oil. This certainly causes dirt easily stick on the skin and pores in the skin will ease congestion which resulted in the appearance of acne.

When you are stress, umunya facial skin tends to be producing excessive oil. This is due to the attitude of the psychic that makes you more alert and cause the skin will produce korsitol more.

The use of cosmetics that do not match the facial skin can trigger the onset of oily skin. So you need to be careful when determining the type of cosmetics that will be used, if you've already bought, immediately discontinue use.

When the weather conditions are hot, umunya skin will automaticallyadapt to the environment. Usually the skin will produce more oil and sweat a lot. The make up is required which is not easy to become discouraged and can absorb oil.

Other Factors
Another factor that can happen here is very broad, just because factor suppose lineage or genetic. Factor turn of the season, penguanaan medicines if you are sick, because the factor of beauty tools that you use or factor tanning.

How To Care For Oily Skin Face

1. Lemon
Of course most people know about the efficacy of this lemon that is able to suppress the production of excess oil in the skin of the face. To capitalize on this lemon is to use it as a mask. The trick is: first, takeone or two pieces of lemon and then washed it clean. After that, cut the lime juice, then squeeze the water and then taken to drink. For after skin, disposed in the past, Oles-apply on the surface of the skin of the face and let sit for 25 minutes. If it has been washing the face using warm water. To get maximum results, do not forget to do this way one time a week.

2. Apples + Honey
On Apples contain anti fat that is able to lift dirt and grease in the skin. How to utilize apples this is by setting up a fruit apples, cut into kemudiang pieces. Blend the apples until tender and then add a little honey. Mix until evenly distributed and then use this dough to be a mask. Let stand for about 30 minutes, then clean and rinse using warm water and cold water. Do this at least once a week on a regular basis to get the ideal facial skin.

3. Pineapple juice or coconut Water +
As we ketahu, pineapple fruit should not be consumed in excess for a woman because it is not good for the health of the uterus. But we can take advantage of the pineapple into a mask for oily face skin. The trick is to prepare the pineapple juice and coconut water to taste. Mix the two ingredients and stir until evenly distributed. Apply on the skin of the face using cotton, then let sit for 25 minutes. Rinse using warm water and cold water.

4. Fruit Wine
Grapes contain antiosidan which is great for regerasi skin. In addition to delicious for consumption, we can also make use of these grapes to be used as masks to cope with oily skin. The trick is to cut the fruit wines to taste, then apply on face evenly. Wait to dry or about 30 minutes, then rinse off using cool water.
5. Rind Watermelon

Who can if the watermelon skin we can use to reduce the excess oil on the face? How to utilize this watermelon rind is natural mask, made with the trick is simply by setting up a 1 piece skin watermelon, cucumber and Aloe Vera. Under the skin of the watermelonto dry, and then mash or blend until smooth. Mix with cucumber andAloe Vera, then blended. Mix well, then apply on face and let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse under cold water or warm water.

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