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How To Remove Panda Eyes Naturally And Quickly

How to remove panda eyes naturally and quickly was very expected by most people who experience this problem. Therefore let us reviewwhat causes the eyes of panda and how to remove panda eyes naturally and quickly.

Panda is a State where there are eyes on the black lines, which arise due to several factors. However, the most common cause is too oftenstayed up late. Is it just cause? Here I explain why panda can appear diarea your eyes.

1. Lack of sleep

It is true, as said above the last cause of the panda was lack of sleep or too often stayed up late. Normally any person takes isitirahat to sleep 7-8 more or less hours per day. If the suggested break is ignoredit will pop up a wide range of eye problems such as eye of the pandaor SAC. Then you keep you free from panda eyes, please feel free to pay attention to your rest period.

If you have a lot of work, try to take time out of a day for rest. So your eyes will remain healthy.

2. Make Up

For women who love to dress up, take a good look around this problem. The use of makeup that is too thick and berlebian can trigger the onset of the panda eyes. Let alone rarely wash your face at the moment is going to sleep or after using the make up. We recommend that you wash your face you every going to sleep or after cleaning the face of makeup so that your face still look fresh.

3. Sun exposure

Sunlight is indeed good for bone health and skin. But the Sun is from6-10 am. The passing of it, the Sun is not good for the skin, but not to the skin only. Eye health can also be influential.

The more frequently you perform activities outside the room and always exposed to the Sun without any protection, then it is likely the emergence of panda can also arise. Between the cause is heat from sunlight can multiply the production of melanin that can darken your eye area skin. Therefore, if you implement outside of the room it is advisable to wear protection such as goggles anti UV and wear a hat.

4. The disease

Among the causes of the emergence of the panda's eyes also caused due to the disease. Supposing the disease anemia or kidney disease, it turned out that can also cause the appearance of panda loh. But if you think you don't have the disease, may cause lainnyalah that causes the appearance of panda eyes.

5. The offspring

The last cause of the emergence of the panda is a genetic factor or the offspring. Try to look at your mother and father, if they had any eye problems panda? If so, chances are it can also happen to you.

How to remove Panda Eyes Naturally and fast
Well after we know what are the causes of the emergence of the panda, now we have discussed the point, namely how to remove panda eyes naturally and quickly. The natural way is the safest way, then please feel free to continue reading.

1. Wearing ice cubes

Ice cube is a natural ingredient that could be an alternative to removing the eyes of panda. Dinginnnya ice cube can help moisturize your eyes and reduces eye pouch or panda. How to use are:
Take a small ice cubes. If the existence of a large, ice cubes may be first to use a hammer. Take the fractional ice cubes are roughly of ping pong balls.
After that, wrap it with a soft cloth and clean.
Dip them first into the water so their cloaks wet then let sit for a moment in order to chill ice cubes could seep into the fabric.

Eye on the area over which there is pandanya eyes. Usaplah slowly.
Sweep for 5 minutes to let your eyes become relaxed and fresh.
Do these treatments routinely to SAC's eyes or the eyes of your lost pandas.

2. Wear a used teabag pouch

How to remove panda eyes secondly is to use a teabag pouch of the former. If you often make tea, don't waste the tea pouches used to be. If you have eye problems panda, you can take advantage of this tea pouches to resolve it. How to use it are as follows:

Grab a used teabag to taste.
Compress on your eye area using a teabag pouch of the former.
Do this treatment for 10-15 minutes until your eye pouch looks vague.
Do this treatment regularly.
3. using a cucumber

These vegetables also have properties to remove the SAC of the eye. How to use it are:
Take slice of cucumber fruit, then irislah into several parts with spherical shape.
Take 2 slices of cucumber fruit already cut, and paste on both of your eyes.
Let stand for 10 minutes. Do the ritual regularly until panda you really lost.

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