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How To Remove Wrinkles In The Face

How to remove wrinkles in the face. Sooner or later everyone will surely experience the diwajah wrinkles. For some women will surely be afraid of this problem, especially if you still belong in a young age. This is certainly greatly interfere with the appearance and can lose confidence. A variety of treatments can be made starting from a consultation with a doctor, went to beauty salons, plastic surgery or use creams to remove wrinkles in the face.

In fact the wrinkles on the face appear due to several factors. Surely you're wondering what the cause isn't it? Therefore, before we discusshow to remove wrinkles in the face easily and naturally, let's discuss what causes wrinkles on the face.

The cause of Wrinkles Appear on the face

Improper use of cosmetics
The number of beauty products in Indonesia offering a million benefits to skin care, making the community become infatuated and wanting to give it a try. But not all products contain ingredients that are safe and suitable with your skin type. Improper usage in quite a long time very dangerous to your skin. Things that can happen such as dark spots, wrinkles, irritation to result in skin cancer. Then it is highly recommended before purchasing cosmetic products, make sure the product is safe and suitable with your skin. Don't forget to see the composition contained in cosmetics, do contain harmful ingredients or not.

Unhealthy life pattern
Unhealthy life pattern can also affect the health of the skin, e.g. white water drinking less, smoking, stress, or less consuming vitamins and minerals. Lack of consuming white water can cause stress to the skin.Stress the skin can make the skin becomes dull and wrinkled. Smoking habit can also accelerate the impact of wrinkles on the face. Active smokers will typically experience a problem skin wrinkles faster compared with people who do not smoke. Lack of vitamins and minerals necessary, can also cause skin skin looks dull and quickly the wrinkles, this is because the kekuarangan skin nutrition.

The habit
If you have a habit of rubbing the eye area, we recommend that you stop starting from now. In addition to dangerous for the eyes, too often rub the eye area can cause tissue damage skin in the eye area. Too often frowns can also accelerate the onset of wrinkles in the forehead area. The habit of pursing the lips will also cause wrinkles in the area of the mouth.

Sun exposure above the hours 09.00 am, will cause the onset of fine lines on the face. The fine lines will continue to grow until the formingof wrinkles.

How to remove wrinkles on the face
Once we know the cause of the appearance of wrinkles on the face, it is time we discuss about how to remove wrinkles in the face with a memanfaatan natural ingredients.

1 # egg Mask
Make a batter by mixing one egg with half a bowl of cream, then addthe juice of the lemon juice, mix well. If it is well mixed, apply on face until evenly distributed. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse off usingcool water. Do these treatments on a regular basis until the wrinkles are gone.

2 # Scrub Potatoes
You can make use of the potato as a scrub or mask to remove wrinkles in the face. Do I simply stick a piece of potato in the face shortly before going to bed. Or if you want to use it as a mask, puree the potatoes then mix it with a few drops of lemon juice. Brush on your face to dry evenly, after rinse using clean water.

3 # Papaya Mask
How to make a papaya mask simply by smoothing 2 ripe papaya spoon, then combine with 1 spoon honey and stir until evenly distributed. Apply on face and the area around the eyes. Let sit for up to 15 minutes, then clean using warm water.

# 4 banana and Carrot
Puree bananas and carrots, then combine into a dough to be used asa natural mask. Apply on face and wait up to 15 minutes, then rinse using warm water.

5 # Rosewater
Rose water is a natural facial cleanser scented sedating, it can relieve stress, it can close the pores of the skin and makes the skin look smoother. How to use rose water is simply membasuhkannya to the face every day to get the facial skin firmer, smoother and wrinkles on the face is missing.

That's some natural ingredients that you can benefit from as a solution how to remove wrinkles in the face. These materials are very secure you use and is very inexpensive and easily obtained.

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