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How To Whiten Teeth Fast And Naturally

How to whiten teeth Fast and naturally – Have yellow teeth often makes us minder. Yellow teeth can also interfere with the health of members of other bodies such as gums and mouth. If you have yellow teeth problem, you can read this article till the end to get the right solution for your yellow teeth. But before we discuss about some natural ingredients to eliminate the yellow teeth, we need to know exactly what the heck causes yellow teeth? Here is the explanation.

Causes Of Yellow Teeth
Actually if you diligently care for and clean your teeth, this is enough.Well here are some causes of yellow teeth into what you should know:
  •  Lazy for brushing my teeth, or a way of brushing my teeth that do not properly
  • Too often drink coffee or herbal tea
  • If you are a user of cigarettes, nicotine content in cigarettes also makes teeth becomes yellow
  • Often consume supplements or drinks boost energy
  • Using teeth whitening remedies but does not match
If your teeth are yellow, maybe you have one bad habit that already we list above. Then how to whiten teeth naturally and fast? You don'thave to worry, because here is the beauty and health tips blog already gives the solution. Select and do routinely some way below corresponds to your fondness.

1. using the Miswak
Whiten teeth can use miswak or miswak. The miswak is Bough or tree roots that we can take advantage of to clean the teeth, gums and mouth and naturally. How this is actually done by the Muslims long to clean teeth and keep the strength of the tooth. All branches or roots of trees can be used to siwaak for, but should be eligible, namely fibrous soft and must be clean.

2. Wear a Charcoal Wood
How to whiten teeth naturally and fast next is using charcoal wood. It may sound strange, because if we see a black colored wood charcoal, why can whiten your teeth? This way is the traditional way that's been done by our ancestors. In the use of charcoal wood, clean teeth with caution, excessive use and hard may damage the tooth's email. So, do the normal course.

3. Use orange peel
Who would have thought the usual orange peel if we waste turns out to be useful. Orange peel can be used to take care of teeth. How to use it is by rubbing the orange peel on the teeth are yellow. Do this on a regular basis or on a daily basis, the use of which regularly will help you get white teeth fast. But if you have sensitive teeth, don't do this. Orange peel contains vitamin C which is not suitable for your sensitive teeth.

4. using Strawberries
Red fruit sweetness and delicacy contains many benefits. One of the benefits that are associated with teeth is to whiten teeth. How to make use of this fruit as natural teeth whitening is to consume it. Don't forget to consume fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, apples, carrots and celery. All natural ingredients is very helpful to whiten your teeth. You do not need to create special herb, just stay the course of consumption, then your teeth will look natural and healthy white.

5. Use Natural Toothpaste
To create a natural and traditional toothpaste you must provide Bay leaves and orange peel. Once it's dry ingredients until dry. Mash until smooth both this material and add a little water and stirred until the shape is turned into a paste. Use this natural toothpaste to rub your teeth. How is known to be very powerful to whiten yellow teeth that are stubborn.

6. Use a mixture of Lemon and salt
Make a paste of the tooth by using natural ingredients made from lemon juice added with a little salt. This herb is believed to be helping you to whiten teeth. But don't use this herb too often, because the salt can damage the lining of your teeth. Use sometimes only.

7. Use Baking Soda
Using baking soda could help eliminate the black stain on the teeth, but not too often. Because baking soda also can damage the lining of the teeth, therefore use 1-2 times a month to whiten your teeth. This way is very easy, as only applying baking soda to the surface of teeth and silenced for up to 10 minutes. After that the teeth are brushed to use toothpaste to clean.

8. The seeds of areca nut
The seeds of areca nut is very beneficial for treating teeth. How to use areca nut is to burn them until charred, then finely crushed betel nut seeds until soft. After smooth polishing the teeth using husk pinang or cotton cloth. Perform this ritual once for 2 weeks. In addition to whiten teeth, the use of areca nut also helps to strengthen the tooth.

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