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The Benefits Of Chocolate For Health

Chocolate for health benefits -Brown is one of a sweet food that we consume. Derived from cocoa beans make a lot of people are trying to cultivate chocolate in many forms. Good food, drinks, bread, cakes and more. Surely Brown also are familiar in the ears, because it started from small children to adults liked chocolate.

But, eat chocolate itself should not be exaggerated. Because it can cause some diseases good toothache, into having diabetes and being fat because of obesity. But, actually lots of Chocolate for Health Benefits that may not be a lot of people know.Therefore healthy class, deliberately share the following article is for you.

The Benefits Of Chocolate

Lowers The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease
A compound in dark chocolate seemed very protective of LDL oxidation.

In the long run, this should lead to much less cholesterol to be inserted into the artery and we should see lower heart disease risks in the long term.

It turns out we have some long term observational studies that showed a fairly drastic improvement.

The study revealed that eating chocolate two or more times per week lowered therisk of calcification in the arteries contain plaque of 32%. Eat less chocolate often has no effect (16).

But other studies have shown that chocolate 5 + times per week lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease amounted to 57%.

Of course, the third study was an observational study called could not prove that it was chocolate that causes decreased risk.

However, given that we have a biological mechanism (lowering blood pressure and LDL oxidized) then I think it makes sense that consumption of dark chocolate on a regular basis can actually reduce the risk of heart disease.

Chocolate May Improve Brain Function
Dark chocolate also can improve brain function. One study of healthy volunteers showed that 5-day high flavanol cocoa consuming improve blood flow to the brain.

Cocoa also can significantly improve cognitive function in the elderly with mental disorders. This also improves the smoothness of verbal and risk factors of the disease.

Cocoa also contain stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine, which may be the main reason why cocoa may improve brain function in the short term

May Improve Mood
A study mentioned that they found cocoa gives beneficial effects on mood of theparticipants who are calmer and happier.

Helping Sufferers Of Alzheimer's Disease
As we know, the nerve pathways to the brain damaged when Alzheimer's disease attack, causing severe losses on certain mental functions. Very interesting to read about how one extracts of cocoa, which is called the lavado, can actually reduce the damage done to this vital line.

Chocolate Is Rich In Nutrients
Did you know that choosing chocolate with high cocoa content (75% to 85%) You get a very nutritious snacks? Take 100 grams of chocolate specialties. Almost all ofyour RDA for copper and manganese. It contains more than half You RDA of magnesium and about two-thirds (67%) Your RDA for iron. It also has about 10% fiber.There are also plenty of zinc, selenium and potassium as well.

Prevent Cancer
This can help reduce the chances of developing cancer, as we have already mentioned, flavanol cocoa in dark chocolate have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This is important in keeping the action of free radicals. As we know, this is the protagonist while the cancer began to invade cells.

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